Sharing knowledges

…let's save our small planet…

Sharing Geo-knowledges

The web contains  some idea  & compilation files  mostly about earth sciences, geology, environmental issue  and some related stories  to be shared for all of you.   There is  a motto/ slogan   “Let’s save our small planet”….in order to be awared that we are living in this planet “earth”  in sharing with others…even now actually we are leasing this place  from our next generation.   So…we have to conserve the earth with it’s  resources  i.e:  energy resources,  minerals, water even oxygen  not just  for us,  but  also for  next generation

so…please make your selves and people arround you to care about our  living place.  Save energy….save water consumes…make open space to be green…recycle  your waste…



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